Starting a Machine Shop #2: Buying The Machine

Hello machinists! It has been a few months since the last update. Several things have happened, so now we actually have content to blog about! This post is going to be about buying the machine. If you watched the video on our youtube channel for Starting a Machine Shop, you’ll know that we decided toContinue reading “Starting a Machine Shop #2: Buying The Machine”

Starting a Machine Shop #1: What is the Vision?

If everybody is doing it the same way, there must be a better way. -Anthony Melchiorri A lot of machine shops out there, when they got started they just went out and bought a machine. No plan, no direction. Just using the idea, if you buy it, the work will come. While that may haveContinue reading “Starting a Machine Shop #1: What is the Vision?”

Starting a new CNC Machine Shop Series

With the plethora of resources out there to help machine shops get more business, learn new machining techniques and just about every aspect there is to owning a machine shop, there are virtually no resources out there going over building a machine shop from day zero. There is not very much information out there fromContinue reading “Starting a new CNC Machine Shop Series”

You heard right, another machine shop. But Better!

BetterCNC is a brand new CNC machine shop, founded in late 2020. But, BetterCNC isn’t just your run of the mill CNC machine shop. We are the shop that does things differently, we are the shop that does things better. If you have ever dealt with a manufacturing company from any angle, you most likelyContinue reading “You heard right, another machine shop. But Better!”